A new conceptual generation when approaching tourism business. Know it.

The CREATINGHOTELS.COM project assumes itself as the most CREATIVE and complete concept creator, offering a unique business model, whose offer is differentiated by the quantity and quality of services included, essential for the critical analysis of each project, its feasibility and sustainability.


A truly turnkey concept, determining for businesses as sensitive as tourism.


The market where CREATINGHOTELS.COM is inserted is traditionally served by module-like solutions with distinctive intervening entities, including: architecture offices, decorators, designers, constructors and management and marketing consultants.


Using this type of solution generally implies slower processes, with significant deviation from the original idea – budgetary deviations and deviations from the coherence of the concepts.


Moreover, the lack of expertise in the industry by some of the intervening parts often omits essential aspects, quite important, for successful businesses.

Except for medium or large-size chains, the construction of a hotel is, for most investors, a unique and unrepeatable investment.


We move from your business, which may be classic or unique.

Towards one single destination: effective return on investment.

There are many ways to think about architecture, decoration or interior design in hotels.

But, at the end, the aspect you want is always the same.

This one: Success.

And that what we’re here for.


Successful business architectures: this is our job.

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