Imagine being inside a blueberry, only a thousand times bigger.

Its existence dates back to the Ice Age but only in the 20th century did the popular ‘bush grape’ attain the deserved scientific interest that saw its status as a champion among antioxidants and its own identity acknowledged.


The blueberry – rich in minerals that promise eternal youth – is, of all fruits, the most relevant in fighting human aging.


THE MYRTILLUS BUNGALOW ICONIC HOTEL is the tallest sculpture ever erected. It respects its natural and wild habitat, framed by indigenous shrubbery and blueberry plantations.

Imagine being inside a blueberry, only a thousand times bigger, where the size represents the richness of this immersion. Where the fruit basket is the bed that embodies the freedom of childhood, surrounded by sensitive and delicate green leaves that protect this super-nectar.


A crib of experiences and incomparable richness – all: in the format of a hotel, in the format of knowledge – in the format of an esteemed globe of culture.


Try it!


High Profitability Tourism

Each BUNGALOW ICONIC HOTELS concept is available for sale on an exclusive basis or multi-license.

You can set the size of your hotel according to your initial intention and when your business grows, you can purchase more and more BUNGALOWS.


Advantages? There are many.


- Specially designed to be implemented in the field.

- The operating results are far higher than the classical approach for the accommodation offer, sustained by the creativity used in the development of the concept, which is designed especially for tourists who are looking for new experiences and with high and medium-high buying power.

- Appropriately contextualized and especially oriented to explore and offer an immersive experience in the fruit world, to which they alluded to.

- Built according to the highest construction standards: ergonomics, functionality, durability, maintenance, sustainability, thermal and acoustic insulation.

- The medium term construction is much smaller than that of a traditional hotel, approximately one third of the average time.

With the possibility of creating all functional areas of a hotel: bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, therapy rooms, turkish bath rooms, saunas, reception, offices, bars, spas, bathrooms, ...


All set, all contemplated.

Hotel available.

When purchasing a BUNGALOW ICONIC HOTEL, you do not have to worry about anything.


We take care of it all:


- project development and licensing;

- landscape design;

- economic feasibility analysis;

- supply and assembly of bungalows;

- marketing plan;

- communication design;

- product design;

- creation of the website with reservations and online payments;

- communication and promotion plan;

- catalogs;

- pricing;

- support for the unit opening


Furthermore, the freedom in the purchase.




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